Here you'll find the perfect anniversary wishes or messages to send to your loved ones.


Anniversary Wishes

Wedding anniversary wish
From both of your loving families, we wanted to wish you a Happy Anniversary. You have shown this world more than anyone that love is of passion, patience, dedication, and most of all: Greatness amongst both lovers Happy Anniversary.

Anniversary wishes for couple
Love is not a mystery, let alone a myth. You both have proven these wrong, continuously and endlessly. Happy Anniversary to both of you.

Anniversary sms messages
Because of you both, the world knows Truth and Love exist. Keep these beliefs alive, and cherish one another. Happy Anniversary.

Wedding anniversary wishes for husband
The day that changed my life, the day that brought happiness in my life, the day when I proposed you - that day is here. And now I am with you. Days have passed on, years have gone by, but my love has not changed for you. And I can still propose and say "I Love You". Happy Anniversary!

Wishes for wedding anniversary
A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.
- by Paul Sweeney

Anniversary wishes for friends
From the bottom of our hearts, we wish and hope for nothing but the best for you two. Be priceless and be courageous for each others' endless Love. Be Amazing.


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