Valentines day is the perfect time to send your loved one a special quote or sms.
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Valentines Day Quotes

Happy valentines day cards
I may act immature and stubborn, but I know one thing for sure in my heart: I have never loved someone as much as I love you. Happy Valentine's Day.
- For Her

As our first Valentine's Day together, let's make this special to last forever. I love you. Happy Valentine's Day from now until forever.
- For Her

Valentine quotes
Grandma and Grandpa, we wish you Happy Valentine's Day, and hope that you love the bouquets of white and red roses we sent you along with this card. Continue to love each other, be there for one another for you both have made this family proud. Happy Valentine's Day.
- Best Wishes

Valentines day wishes
Hey Best Friend! I wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day, even though I'm not there to celebrate it with you. I hope you have fun, and know that I love you!
- Best Wishes

Valentines day message
Father, I wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day, and hope that you are being surrounded by many that love you while I'm away on a business trip. I will be home soon. I love you.
- Best Wishes

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Baby, I apologize for making you upset, but I have something special for you and only you. So let me give you the best Valentine's Day you have ever had.
- For Her


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