20 Innovative Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, tenacity and God's grace! Whether you want to wish your parents, friends, children or significant other on the-day, here we present 20 wedding anniversary gift ideas for almost everyone. We have grouped them according to whom you are wishing, but many of the ideas are useful for all.
  • Anniversary Gifts for Wife/Husband
  1. A flower bouque along with a photograph of your first date or a similar romantic moment.
  2. A walk down the memory lane: Reliving your first date or a memorable day from your honeymoon. Plan it to the minute detail - like dinner in the same restaurant, perhaps watching that classic movie again, etc. A walk down the memory lane is always exciting and often enlightening.
  3. A Homemade Cake or other dish. This can be a wonderful gift whether or not you hold the day-to-day cooking responsibilities.
  4. A dress you want to see him/her in.
  5. A hand drawn portrait of your loved one. Even if you are not an artist - learn and practice. Even a moderately good effort can make it a gift to cherish lifelong for your partner.
  • Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents
  1. Collage of photographs of important happy moments in their life - do add to it pictures of the family as children and grand-children are often one the most cherished people in parents' lives.
  2. A holiday package to the same destination as their honeymoon, or to an exotic tourist place where they have never been before.
  3. Renovation of their bedroom - perhaps addition of a much needed piece of furniture.
  4. A gift voucher. Elders usually have their own needs and gift vouchers may be more useful than other gifts we can think of.
  5. Okay - this one is different, but perhaps the best gift even you can give to your parents. Take a resolve to improve something in YOU, that your parents have been longing for. An example could be giving up smoking or drinking, completing  some goal that has been pending for ages, becoming vegetarian, etc. - as applicable. Of course, club it up with a personal gift and in return, ask your parents for a commitment for a positive change that you wish to see in them.
  • Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends
  1. Inspiring and positive love or marriage quotations, custom printed and framed. Believe me, words of wisdom gifted with love can help one in many situations.
  2. Music collection, flowers, decorative items, etc.
  3. Gift in pairs - for him and her: Pair of perfumes, wrist watches,  t-shirts,  googles, etc.
  4. A romantic novel, or a book on love or marriage.
  5. Personalized photo gifts like mugs, stationery. There are various advanced options like engraved gifts, embossed gifts available.
  • Anniversary Gift Ideas for Children
  1. A two player sports kit (like tennis raquets) for a game your son/daughter and their better half love to play. 
  2. Home Appliances to make their life easy. As a parent, you would already know what they have and what they need. 
  3. Something they have been longing for and can make use of - like a digital/electronics for the boy and jewellery for the girl. If your budget permits a digital camera or an IPad or a Car or a diamond set, great, else accesories for their favorite possesion - like new lens for his SLR camera or amplifier for her guitar or an insurance for their car will also be cherished by the kids.  
  4. Hobby/Activity/Health club membership - one where they can spend quality recreational time together The main idea is that they will most probably use it regularly because you have gifted it and thus benefit from it - otherwise yougsters usually have an excuse or two to procrastinate such activities.
  5. A comprehensive Life Insurance or Health Insurance package. This one keeps giving lifelong!
Finally, no matter to whom you are gifting, you can tweak any of the ideas above to make your gift special to the couple. Happy Celebrations!

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